1976-1978Pratt Institute

Brooklyn, New York

Masters of Fine Arts, Minor in Art History

Assistantship, Dean’s List, Honors

Pratt Graphics Center

    New York, New York

Internship: Curator Cast Paper Print Exhibit

1973- 1975Rhode Island School of Design

Providence, Rhode Island

Bachelor of Fine Art with Honors

Merit Scholarship, Advanced Placement, Dean’s List

1974-1975Rhode Island School of Design

Rome, Italy

European Honors Student, Painting

1971-1973Sophie Newcomb College for Women at Tulane University

    New Orleans, Louisiana

    Undergraduate Studies, Fine Arts

Dean’s List


2000 to presentHall & Young Studio

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Painting and printmaking, Commissions and Exhibits to be listed at a later date.

1988 -2000Hall & Young Studio

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Providing fine art, illustration, design, and technology resources, image development projects and corporate identity consultation:

1996-2000Books for Babies, New Mexico: Designed and illustrated Animals/Animales,(1996), and My Things / Mis Cosas, (2000); 2 bi-lingual books created to encourage developmental literacy, and distributed to the families of infants in New Mexico. Second printing of Animals/Animales February/March 1998 for distribution to other states.

Pojoaque Valley Open Studio Tour:  graphic support including: visual image, logo, ads, and signage.

1998 -1999 Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Independent contractor for the artistic concepts, design, illustration, and production, of printed materials, exhibits and web based communication support— including large format images for SC98 Conference, Orlando, Florida,  for  the Applied Super Computer Initiative and the Computing, Information and Communication Division of Los Alamos.  Support materials for the Delphi Project and United States Infrastructure proposals.

Blaupunkt, Germany, February, 1998: Original designs for amplifier chassis.

1994 -1998 Harris Builders Incorporated, Santa Fe, New Mexico: Corporate image consultation, logo design, signage, and stationary package.

Sierra Screen printing, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona: Promotional calendar designed to showcase four color silk screen capabilities, 1996.

Bradbury Museum, Los Alamos, New Mexico: Design and execution of the mural for the Human Genome Project,1996. Graphics for the Plutonium Exhibit and supporting video, 1995.

Xtant Technologies Incorporated (1994 -1998 )

Audio Electronics Manufacturers, Phoenix, Arizona

Corporate image: all visuals including; logo design, art direction, packaging, product design, printed materials, advertising, display, POP and trade show booths.

Helped launch Xtant as a start up company, from initial concept, name and logo, to a successful international manufacturing firm. Created the visual format for customized bank presentations, initial prototypes, and subsequent product designs, and supporting visual material.

Three Design and Innovation ‘98 Awards: newly introduced product, January 1998 Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, Nevada.

European Car Audio Press: “Best New Product of the Year for Design and Ergonomics, 1996”, for a series of mobile audio amplifiers.

“Product of the Year 1996, Japan” for Mobile Audio Excellence  in Design.

Consistently positive, national and international editorial praise for exceptional design, including non industry publications such as Rolling Stone Magazine.

Provided total identity support which distinguishes Xtant from their competition.

Construction supervision, interior architecture and furnishings for corporate offices.

Over fifteen years experience working with others to resolve corporate identity, audio engineering, mechanical, financial, staffing, and morale challenges. I have worked hand in hand with administration, sales, public relations, marketing, engineering, research and development, manufacturing and suppliers.

My work and name are associated with quality and value in mobile audio design.  The products have achieved such popular acclaim that I  became a sort of “celebrity” in the field. I was part of the company  presence at the Consumer Electronics Show and International Auto Sound Competitions.

1983 -1994Precision Power, Incorporated

Audio Electronics Manufacturers, Phoenix, Arizona

Corporate image: all visuals including; logo design, art direction, packaging, product design, printed materials, advertising, wearables, POP and trade show booths, 1985-1994. Creative design consultant, 1983-1985.

Editor’s choice awards and design awards for product. Exhibit design magazine coverage of trade show booths.

Construction supervision, interior design and furnishings for corporate offices.

Hand painting of demonstration vehicles.

Total visual identity distinguishing Precision Power from their competition.

1979-1988Carolyn Hall Art Services / Target Communications Incorporated

Phoenix, Arizona

Art and technology resources for the motion picture industry in New York Phoenix, San Francisco and Los Angeles: art direction, props, set design, set dressing, special effects, styling, production, fabrication, consultation and coordination for commercial, theatrical and documentary motion picture film, and still photography. Illustrations, graphics, restaurant interiors, and special event design. Fine art exhibitions and commissions.

Emmy in art direction for The Cunning Vixen, an opera, for KAET-TV, Public Television Production, 1985.

Restaurant design for Têtê a Têtê and Scottsdale Café, Scottsdale, Arizona, 1984-1985.

Won Addys, advertising industry awards, for art direction on television commercials

Illustrated, on site, a biology book on flora and fauna in the Galapagos Islands, 1979-1980.

Beijing, China,1986: Assisted production and art directed a documentary on special education for Global Interactions, Inc. Graphic design of finished video package.

Art directed television commercials for many major and minor corporations, for political advertising campaigns, and for educational, commercial, entertainment and industrial films. Clients including, Robert Altman, American Express, Coca Cola, Huffy Bicycles, Buster Brown Shoes, Curel Hand Lotion, US Homes, Continental Homes, Arizona Bank, Valley National Bank (AZ), First National Bank Albuquerque, Uncle Ben’s Rice, Dillards, Broadway SW, Ramlosa, Western Airlines, GE, GTE, RKO Films, most major car companies, beer companies, fast food companies, prepared food companies, grocery stores, lotteries, baseball teams, political candidates, et al. I art directed an educational video project, geared to interest teens in Arizona State history— integrating live action with blue screen and animation techniques.

Sunbelt Scenic Incorporated, Tempe Arizona: Consultant on expanding their business into servicing film and advertising industries.

Mercedes Benz Dealership, Phoenix, Arizona: Event design coordination for grand opening.Communication Arts Group of Arizona: a professional design organization, active membership. Organization of “Art After Hours,” an exhibit of fine art made by commercial artists.

Photography Assistant for a magazine piece on Taliesen West and Frank Lloyd Wright; Scottsdale, Arizona; Dan Budnik, Photographer. (1979)

Painting exhibits in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Yuma, Arizona, and Beverly Hills, California. Painting in traveling exhibit with the Arizona Arts Commission.

1978-1979Mathew Brady Films, Incorporated

Commercial Film and Photography Production, New York, NY

Staff artist and production support.

Assisted in still and commercial motion picture photography.

Dealt with billing and accounts payable, booking crews and talent, procuring and creating props.

1975-1979Carolyn Hall Art Services

New York, New York

Freelance styling and backdrop painting for advertising, photography, and film. Freelance layout and design.

Painting exhibit in Rome, Italy

Photography Assistant in Rome, Italy: Time Life Books, Dan Budnik, Photographer. (1975)

Freelance layout and mechanicals for audio magazine.

Curated and exhibited  in fine art shows.

1978Gil Saint Bernard’s School

Bernardsville, New Jersey

Visiting art history instructor, full time, one semester: “American Art Since 1900”

1977-1978Pratt Institute

    Brooklyn, New York

Assistant to instructor in art history, and assistantship

Fine art exhibitions and commissions.

1975-1976Groenlo Marketing and American Sales

Marketing and distributors, New York, NY, and Greenwich, Connecticut

Art director, promotions coordination: Groelsh Beer. Painting commissions.

Art and photography coordination, development of new packaging, new product launches.

Carolyn Hall Young